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Rent a motorcycle in Corsica with our 9 envie2rouler agencies!

You know our attachment to Corsica... And we also know yours, according to all your requests to rent a motorbike or a scooter on the island of beauty! So Corsica has become a priority for us. We announced it to you last November, our objective for the 2022 season was to open 4 new agencies to complete the envie2rouler network in Corsica. Word kept!

We are happy to confirm the opening of 4 new agencies in Corsica from May 15!

With these 4 openings, we go to 9 envie2rouler agencies perfectly distributed on the island. We obviously keep our 4 historical agencies at the 4 airports (Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Figari), as well as the agency in Corte in the center of Haute-Corse. From May 15, the following 4 new agencies will be added, ideally placed in 4 vacation spots to be closer to you:

  • Bonifacio

  • Porto Vecchio

  • Ghisonaccia (near Aleria)

  • Sagone

An exceptional territory, an exceptional network!

We have set up a system specific to Corsica with a fleet of new or very recent motorcycles and scooters, 100% dedicated to rental. In total we have more than a hundred vehicles, from scooters to grand touring motorcycles.

3 other very practical advantages that make the difference:

You can rent your motorbike or scooter in one of our agencies and return your vehicle to another envie2rouler agency (with supplement).

We can also rent you all the equipment (helmet, gloves, suits, top case...), which will allow you to travel light!

We have concocted an exceptional 4-day trip for you between Ajaccio and Calvi: discover it here!

To end on a high note, we have a major surprise in store for you which will be a world first, let's not be afraid of words! What arouse your curiosity... In 15 days we will reveal this surprise to you which will be, for us as for you, very very good news... See you in 15 days!

envie2rouler Corsica : Book, Rent, Enjoy!


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