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envie2rouler is a platform of services and content whose  "mission" is to give back  the "desire2ride" (envie2rouler in french)  to the greatest number!  This concept was imagined and then developed by Jean-Marc Delétang and his team.


Jean-Marc is himself an enthusiast from the start:  a former professional driver from 1986 to 2002, he won several titles during his career.  Then he converted by opening  motorcycle dealerships in Blois and Tours. Between 1995 and 2006, Jean-Marc always questioned the management of his businesses. Taking advantage of its notoriety and a prosperous market rich in new products, the development of its concessions was there every year... 

Jean Marc  Delétang

Founder envie2rouler

So why

In 2015, at the age of 50, after having spent his whole life with his head in the handlebars both sportingly and professionally, certain questions emerged and remained unanswered. Since 2008, the two-wheeler market had continued to decline, reorganizations each season no longer provided a solution, and Jean-Marc had the feeling of having used all the tricks in his possession to make up for this drop in volume. and turnover.

Thus, in June 2015, Jean-Marc decided to create a digital platform on which customers can reserve a motorcycle or scooter, according to the dates and times of their choice. This rental solution is, according to him, the best way to compensate for the drop in turnover of a concession. It also makes it possible to attract new customers who wish to rent a vehicle from time to time. This is how the company envie2rouler was created.  


Today,  envie2rouler  it is a network of 88 agencies located throughout France. A network that brings together two-wheeler professionals, mostly dealers of major brands, all experts in motorcycles and scooters.


But envie2rouler does not just offer motorcycle rental. envie2rouler  it's a whole range of services around the passion for two-wheelers: driving courses with champions,  track days on the most beautiful circuits in France (and Europe!), off-road courses, road-trips adventures...

A platform that also offers content with the regular production of videos and a blog around the world of motorcycling.


In short, envie2rouler wishes to give back to all the "desire2ride"!

jean-marc deletang_edited.jpg

Jean-Marc Deletang

Founder of envie2rouler

Former Bol d'Or winner

Race Director

There are too many people who have a motorcycle license and who do not ride.  The development of envie2rouler everywhere in France is an extraordinary adventure!

Pascal Tomek.png

Fabrice  Rehull

Honda Europe Ex Director 

Motorcycle Division 

Envie2rouler is a concept of the future which makes it possible to give back to many motorcyclists the possibility of riding easily and more often.


Europcar France

General director

This is a service that puts mobility and ease of access at the heart of its idea. The envie2rouler team has it all figured out. We are  happy  to participate in its development

guillaume antiga envie2rouler jean-marc delétang_edited_edited.jpg

Driver envie2rouler

125cc world champion 

I'm proud to ride  the colors of envie2rouler! Their concept is great and allows everyone to  rediscover  the pleasure of riding with a wide choice of motorcycles     

Mike Di Meglio

Robert Osterman



envie2rouler is a rental company  of motorcycles and scooters in France. Our desire is to give or give back the pleasure of riding to the million people who have a motorcycle license, but who do not or no longer own a vehicle.  Each motorcycle or scooter offered for rental has insurance adapted to the rental. Our rental fleet is made up of new motorcycles and new scooters that meet all types of permits. In other words, whether you have the A2 license, the A1 license or the A license, you will find the motorcycle or scooter that suits you.  All our agencies are located directly with motorcycle dealers in order to guarantee you an irreproachable quality of service when handing over your rental motorcycle.  At envie2rouler , the maintenance of rental vehicles is also provided by these same professionals who aim for your total satisfaction!



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Rental agencies everywhere in France


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We are very happy to share this passion for motorcycling with our partners. Our common desire is simple: to give or give back the pleasure of riding to the million people who have a motorcycle license, but who do not or no longer have a vehicle, due to a lack of budget. We particularly thank our 6 main partners:

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