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Ultimate video. Road trip in Corsica with our partners: 3 unforgettable days!

This week, we are taking you to Corsica for a 3-day road trip from Bastia airport, to Ajaccio, passing through Cap Corse, then the west coast of the island . A ride you never tire of.

This time, we filmed for 3 days with the Sans Concession production team, in a documentary mode: terrific images of some of the most beautiful places in Corsica, interspersed with interviews with our 3 partners: Motul , Pégase and FMA Assurances.

All under the guidance of our passionate guide and mad lover of Corsica: Jean-Marc Delétang, founder of envie2rouler and former pro pilot.

This thirty-minute video takes you on the roads of Corsica, between Bastia and Ajaccio. Our team, led by Jean-Marc, is made up of 3 important partners of the brand envie2rouler. The opportunity to come back to the activities of each with interviews of the leaders, carried out during this road trip. An adventure that this video allows us to experience from the inside. You won't see the time passing and above all, it will certainly make you want to ride in Corsica!

We thank our partners who lent themselves to the game and accepted our invitation. Not so easy to take the handlebars on the roads of Corsica, especially that of the west coast, between Calvi and the Calanques de Piana!

- For Motul : Pascal Tomek, Samira Djellal et Hervé Cintra.

- For Pégase : Sami Mimouni de Pégase.

- For FMA Assurances : Maxime Hess.

Without forgetting the team of Air Corsica, with whom we have built a magnificent partnership to simplify the organization of your trip : DRIVE + Moto. This exclusive offer allows you to buy your plane tickets and at the same time reserve your motorbike directly with one of the 4 envie2rouler rental agencies located at the 4 airports of the island. Launched last summer, this "flights + motorbike" offer is renewed in 2023 with a fleet of motorbikes and scooters of more than 150 vehicles. Something to satisfy you for your next Corsican weekend this spring!

Here are some pictures from the Sans Concession video that will probably make you want to watch this video :



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