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What if one day there was a "motorcycle club" bringing together enthusiasts from all walks of life? A club that would offer events to experience all year round on French territory and more... A club that would offer a whole series of advantages to take full advantage of the two-wheel experience in all its forms... A club finally who would allow you to exchange with other fans and who would also be an FFM affiliate ...  

It is from this vision that we imagined envie2rouler Club Moto. A club that had become indispensable, according to the many exchanges we have had with many of you in recent years.  We are thus pursuing our desire to give you back the  "envie2rouler" !

Logo envie2rouler Le Club.png

After the Track Days , envie2rouler l'École , the Voyages Aventures and the Off-road Courses , here is the brand's latest envie2rouler initiative: welcome to the Club!

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Jean-Marc Delétang, founder of  envie2rouler and ex. professional pilot, explains to us through this short video the main reasons that led to the creation of envie2rouler Club Moto. For 6 years Jean-Marc  is Race Director with the FFM, in constant contact with the marshals, the circuit directors, the professional drivers but also with all the enthusiasts he meets on the circuits, in particular during the envie2rouler Track-days.


By becoming a member of envie2rouler Club Moto you will have access to a very varied offer of services and benefits. Wherever you are in France or even in the DOM-TOM or abroad, you can join us and thus benefit from all the advantages of the Club:


  • The FFM license which allows  practice of our sport in the best conditions for all motorcycle enthusiasts, all disciplines combined.

  • Access to the preparation meetings of the race marshals: discover the world of professional sport!

  • Discounts on all our driving courses offered by envie2rouler l'École for the youngest drivers: let's prepare the champions of tomorrow! More info.

  • Discounts on all driving courses and free driving sessions on the circuit organized during the  Track Days  envie2rouler : more than 18 dates in the year on 5 mythical circuits in France and Spain. More info.

  • Free premium services during Track Days : tire fitting, maintenance and optimization of your motorcycle throughout the day and a discount on visits to the dyno.

  • Coaching sessions offered with our shock instructor, Guillaume Antiga , professional rider and crowned French Champion 2021 Superbike Challenger.

  • And of course exclusive discounts on the rental of your motorcycles and scooters, all year round and valid in all the envie2rouler agencies !

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