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Rent a motorcycle or scooter in a few clicks  ​

Discover our online motorcycle rental concept: in a few clicks choose your motorcycle, book it with the envie2rouler agency near you and pay online. Renting a motorbike has never been easier!

Once you have chosen the motorcycle or scooter of your choice, go to our online booking platform:


You will be asked to create a customer account if you do not yet have an account with us. On the other hand, if you already have a customer account, you just need to log in with your personal identifiers. As soon as you have your customer account created or logged in,  you can directly pay online for your reservation.

Following the payment of your reservation, a summary email will be sent to you in order to confirm your reservation as well as to provide you with all the necessary information before the day of your rental.

Pick up

How do I get the motorcycle or scooter back?  ​

You must go to the agency indicated on your confirmation email to pick up the vehicle you have reserved online. The rental return will be made in the same agency, with the exception of the Tours and Blois agencies (Centre Region) in which you can choose the departure agency and the return agency.


We ask you  good  Bring the required supporting documents  in order to check and complete your rental file: 

- your driver's license 

- your bank card  


- your identity card

- your deposit


As soon as your rental contract is completed, we will give you  vehicle keys. 
The deposit for the rented vehicle will also be requested.  You will do  the condition of the vehicle  with the head of the agency. Before departure, we advise you to ask all your questions. 

You are ready to go on an adventure!


The return of your vehicle 

When you return from the rental, we ask that you return the rented vehicle clean with a full tank of gas.  You must also return the scooter or motorbike one hour before the agency closes. In your presence, we will check the vehicle to ensure that everything is in order. If no damage is to be declared on the vehicle, then your deposit will be returned to you.


Which license for which vehicle?

As part of the rental, it is necessary to have an A, A1, A2 license to drive a motorcycle or scooter.  On each of the vehicles offered for hire by envie2rouler , you will find a clear and precise mention of the type of license requested. If you cannot find the license listed, it is clearly marked on your driver's license.  


In the motorcycle and scooter parks dedicated to the rental of envie2rouler , you can rent a vehicle with the  A2 permit.  The vehicle must respect the conditions of power restrictions, i.e. 47.5 horsepower.  


With the  A1 permit,  you can also drive 125cc motorcycles or scooters.

Finally, the  license A  allows you to drive any type of vehicle available for rental.

Within the framework of a foreign driving licence, you can drive a motorbike or a scooter envie2rouler with a European licence.  Before any reservation, your driving license must: 
- be valid (no expiration, suspension or revocation) 
- be valid in the motorcycle category 
- be usable in the European Union 
- be issued by one of the member states of the European Union 

For more information, you can directly consult the this page  on the recognition of driving licenses within the European Union.


You want to drive in France with a foreign driving license issued outside the European Economic Area, then you must meet several conditions:

- a short stay (as an indication: if your stay lasts less than 185 days, you can drive with your foreign license provided that it is valid and that it is translated into French.)
- an installation in France
- a study period in France

You wish to rent a motorcycle or a scooter with a European or foreign license, we advise you to  contact one of our envie2rouler agencies  in order to confirm the proper coverage of the rental insurance.


envie2rouler offers you flexible rental formulas

meilleur tarif location moto.png

Rates likely to vary according to the agencies, especially in Corsica where rates are increased.

If you want to rent for more than 30 days, you can contact the agency of your choice directly or contact us by  this form .


Deposit: our scales

When you rent a motorcycle or scooter, a deposit will also be required before departure in case of damage to the rented vehicle during the rental.

The deposit will be made by bank imprint because  our agencies do not take cheques.  Before the day of your rental, check that your bank ceiling is sufficient to deposit the requested deposit.

barèmes caution envie2rouler

Cancellation and  refund  ​

You have already reserved your motorcycle or scooter and you wish to cancel due to an unforeseen event.

To benefit from a full refund, you must send your cancellation to the agency 48 hours before the day of the rental.  It is important to notify the agency while taking into account the opening days and times. 

In case you want  cancel your rental within 24 hours,  you will only be reimbursed  50% of the amount of your reservation.

In the case where  you wish to cancel your rental on the same day as the start of the rental, you will not be reimbursed.

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