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envie2balade? Discover Cap Corse by motorbike, an unforgettable 3-day road trip!

This week we are back in "envie2balade" mode on the small roads of Corsica. We take you to the north of the island for one of the most beautiful road trips in Corsica: the Cap Corse tour in 3 days.

On paper, going around Cap Corse on a motorbike is therefore not very long and we could easily complete it in half a day. Indeed, Cap Corse is this small point in the north of the island which is 40 km long and 15 km wide. Doing the loop from Bastia to Bastia taking only the main road that runs along the sea and without any stops could only take 3 to 4 hours. But what a waste! It would make no sense!

In this article, we will tell you how to discover (or rediscover) this little treasure of the territory, during an exceptional walk over 3 days and 2 nights, departing from Bastia. For us, lovers of Corsica, this road-trip is probably the most beautiful ride you can do on a motorcycle in Corsica over a 3-day weekend.

Let us guide you on this road which crosses some of the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica, small charming villages on the sea side but also on the mountain side, without forgetting unforgettable beaches as there are often on the island of beauty! 3 exceptional days that will allow you to take your time and discover Cap Corse by motorbike.

The envie2rouler agency at Bastia airport: one of our 9 agencies in Corsica

This ride is traditionally done from Bastia to Bastia: a real loop, very practical for a 3-day weekend on a motorcycle, with the possibility of renting your motorcycle from our rental agency as soon as you arrive at the airport. envie2rouler which is located directly in the airport car park. For your flight, we advise you to take your tickets with the Air Corsica company which offers the widest range of flights and cities to Bastia. Here is the list of cities in mainland France from which you can get to Bastia with an Air Corsica flight:

  • Paris Orly

  • Paris CDG

  • Dole

  • Lyon

  • Marseille

  • Nice

  • Toulon

  • And Brussels Charleroi

Rent all your equipment with envie2rouler and travel light!

One of the advantages of renting your motorcycle (or scooter) with envie2rouler is that you can also rent all your equipment at the same time as your motorcycle:

  • helmet

  • additional suitcases

  • motorcycle suit

  • gloves

A road-trip of 240 km in 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1: Bastia – Port of Centuri

1- Departure from Bastia airport

2- Lunch in Oletta

3- Arrival and night at the Port of Centuri

Day 2: Port of Centuri – Saint Florent

3- Departure from Centuri

4- End of the day on Saleccia Beach

5- Night in Saint-Florent

Day 3: Saint-Florent – Bastia

5- Departure from Saint-Florent

6- Lunch at Murato

1- Return to Bastia airport

Day 1: Bastia – Oletta - Port of Centuri

Aéroport Bastia – Oletta: 26 km / 30 minutes without stop

After picking up your motorbike from our envie2rouler agency in the very car park of Bastia airport, we suggest you take the heights by the small roads that lead to Oletta. This small village, nestled in the heart of the mountains overlooking Bastia, will allow you to immediately appreciate the beauty of the landscapes on the mountain side, while admiring many viewpoints on the sea. It is the ideal place to understand the geography of Cap Corsica: a mountainous point that juts out into the Mediterranean. It will take you about 1 hour to get to the U Palazzu restaurant at a place called Paganacce in the town of Oletta. Take advantage of the terrace of this typical restaurant which offers a sumptuous view of the coast of Bastia.

The Restaurant U Palazzu in Oletta in the heart of Cap Corse

Oletta – Bastia: 20 km / 40 minutes without stop

You get back on the road on your motorcycle, remaining careful because the small bends in Cap Corse are extremely tricky. Direction Bastia with an essential visit of the old town, which will allow you to walk and discover according to your centers of interest: the typical shops offering local Corsican products, the many small shady squares and especially the museum of Bastia. At the heart of the citadel on a rock overlooking the Old Port, this former palace of the Genoese governors offers a spectacular view of the entire city. This listed building houses the city museum and tells the story of Bastia and the island.

Museum of Bastia

Bastia – Port of Centuri: 51 km / 1h30 without stop

This end of the day will take you to the tip of Cap Corse, along the east coast to end in the small village of Centuri and its fishing port on the other side of the Cap, west side. From Bastia you will therefore follow the coast, discovering in particular the village of Erbalunga with its small central square and its café for a drink. Then you can make a stop on the beach of Meria, before branching off towards the east coast of Cape Town.

The coast-to-coast crossing only takes about thirty minutes, but you won't be able to resist the urge to stop many times to admire the landscapes and take some very beautiful photos. At the end of the day, your arrival at the small Port of Centuri will signal the time for rest. We recommend that you stay at the Hôtel le Vieux Moulin. A well-located establishment overlooking the (very small) fishing port. Today, about twenty fishermen work in Centuri. They largely supply the 8 restaurants open in high season around the port. For amateurs, you will therefore have the choice...

Port of Centuri: small authentic fishing port

Day 2: Port of Centuri – Saleccia - Saint-Florent

In the early morning, after enjoying the sunrise over the port, you will hit the road again. The highlight of this second day is to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica: Saleccia. From Centuri you will follow the west coast of Cape Town passing through Nonza and you will arrive in Saint-Florent for lunch. Enjoy this pretty marina and one of these restaurants.

Terrace on the quays of the small marina of Saint-Florent

We prefer the restaurant La Tablée de Mano, ideally located in the heart of the port with seafood, once again, fresh and perfectly cooked.

But you could also skip lunch and go directly to Saleccia beach via the Desert des Agriates road! This is a destination that alone deserves to go to Corsica for a weekend! The last time we had the chance to go there, we had organized a small picnic on the beach. It's up to you to see if this idea appeals to you, knowing that the only road that leads to it is a very winding track of about twelve kilometers that will take you a good hour.

The track in the heart of the Desert des Agriates which leads to the beach of Saleccia.

To make this somewhat "adventurous" passage easier to cross, we advise you to rent one of our Africa Twin motorcycles, although it is possible to do this path with another model. It's all a matter of caution, knowing how to take care of your mount... At the end of the road, you will discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, or even the most beautiful, let's not be afraid to say it!

The famous beach of Saleccia...

You won't be able to resist plunging a head into this turquoise water. The end of the day is particularly pleasant because the ballets of the cruise ships which drop off the tourists during the day end and you will savor a very privileged moment. The return will be by the same track. Be careful, it climbs quite a bit and the night will not make it easy for you to return!

Back in Saint-Florent, we recommend the hotel La Florentine, comfortable with a beautiful swimming pool and a magnificent view of the big blue.

The swimming pool of the hotel La Florentine in Saint-Florent

Day 3: Saint-Florent – Murato - Bastia airport

After a good night, we suggest you spend this last day on the mountain side in the region of Murato, a very typical Corsican village. Only 17 km from Saint-Florent, you will arrive at Murato. You can visit several small villages such as those of Oletta and Olmeta-di-Tuda. This whole region of the canton of Haut-Nebbiu, overlooking the plain of Conca d'Oru and the Gulf of Saint Florent is absolutely magnificent. The arrival in Murato is grandiose with its 12th century Pisan church and its old stones.

The church of Murato dating from the 12th century

Finally, you will enjoy Corsican local products one last time by eating at the Ferme Campo di Monte. We advise you to book well in advance (at least 1 month and a half in advance), as this place is famous. A moment of authentic gastronomy with a unique Corsican menu. Better to come on an empty stomach! You follow in order:

A peasant soup served in its soup tureen that would make a complete meal on its own!

Homemade zucchini fritters, like everything else!

  • A hearty plate of local charcuterie. Murato's charcuterie is very famous. The village has a chestnut grove where the pigs feast on their fruit. The quality of the chestnuts is reflected in the taste so typical of the meat, available in coppa (pork loin), lonzo (boneless and dried pork tenderloin), pancetta (salted, peppered and dried pork belly), figatellu (fresh sausage of pork liver only available from October and for a few weeks);

  • A casserole of Corsican wild boar (or sautéed veal), cooked in a wine sauce with homemade lasagna with meat juice;

  • A basket of three kinds of cheese with fig jam;

  • A bread flan, the famous Pastizzu;

  • And candied clementines to accompany the coffee

  • Après un tel festin il est fort à parier que vous ne résisterez pas à une traditionnelle sieste, côté jardin, face à l’immensité des paysages montagneux.

Le Ferme Campo di Monte, traditional restaurant in Murato

After digestion, your stay will end with a few last tight turns to reach Bastia airport, in just half an hour. Our agent envie2rouler will be waiting for you there to pick up your vehicle and you wish you a pleasant return flight!



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